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Hosted LIMS and Scientific Applications

Your account includes not only a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for your lab, but also a selection of other software, hand-picked to suit your needs as a professional in the laboratory/scientific community.

Receive samples, process and enter data, generate reports, create and track batches/lots, use barcodes, monitor limits/alerts, manage training, documents...the list goes on! Whatever your area of study or work -- ELab webLIMS has the applications you need.

ELab LIMS Features & Functions

In selecting a LIMS, functionality is key. From the core modules to those tuned for specific industry needs, to the a la carte optional additional modules, ELab demonstrates just how far we have brought the industry from the days when a LIMS was just an expensive and inflexible sample tracker. Browse the library of modules and functions that are available with the ELab LIMS, whether onsite or hosted webLIMS: 

 Sample Login (Sample-Based, Project-Based, Case-Based, Study-based) Accessioning etc.

The ELab suite offers very user-friendly and flexible ways to log in samples. You can associate any number or kinds of other data or entities with each, as well as assigning tests/processes/paths to match your work flow. And grouping is easy, according to whatever criteria you specify, reducing drastically the time spent in logging, receiving and approving samples and their results. Our Scheduler tool also lets you set regular occurrences so you're always on top of your workload. Variations for cases (Forensics), projects (R&D, Commercial) etc. and sample points & PIMS functionalities (Water/Wastewater) are all included in ELab's vast repertoire.



ELab allows you to create batches for both samples and results, and receive, set tests/paths and/or edit or approve results at that level, removing much of the time-consuming practices suffered by many laboratories. This process, along with scheduling and associating a wide range of data or entities with each, improves productivity significantly.



ELab fully supports Barcoding, and can generate labels either automatically/scheduled or on a sample by sample basis. The reading of barcodes by a scanner enables you to track inventory, samples, etc. in ELab. And it simplifies sample login, speeding up all of these processes while ensuring accurate data transfer.


 Handheld & Tablet Device Integration

As above, these devices, whether transmitted or wired, are fully supported in the ELab suite. ELab's ability to support various means of data transfer help you comply with GAMP and other standards and regulations. Your data will always be transcribed accurately and speedily, either directly to the server or anywhere there is internet access.


 Workload Management

Assign workloads according to criteria you define. You can designate responsibility for any samples, batches or other items based on location, qualification or other criteria, so that workloads are managed sensibly by ELab.



Configure your system to fit the workflow of your laboratory, not the other way around. You can configure virtually everything, from locations/departments, to test processes and which are included on which tests, which analyst(s), areas and/or samples or suppliers they are assigned to, and much more. One of ELab's major strengths is its high degree of user-configurability.



The Scheduler tool in ELab allows you to define regular intervals for anything, including sample/batch receipt, instrument calibration and maintenance, training courses, shelf life and many other items. It includes the capacity for defining holidays and time off to factor into any given schedule.


 Multi-Location Support

Locate ELab on a server anywhere you select -- even choose to have us host it for you at our headquarters in Atlanta. Your personnel and customers can log on using their web browser from anywhere there is Internet access. The days of loading an application onto every workstation in every building are past.


 Sample Analysis

The tests and paths for samples are all assignable in ELab, and results either entered manually or directly from instruments. View them, report them and/or perform calculations, export to Excel, etc. It's all part of the service.




ELab supports all QA/QC functions. You can either create templates to apply as desired, or you can create QC samples on an ad hoc basis. When setting up the QC Tests and parameters, a formula may also be defined for results entered during actual Test processing.  The tools available to the user for building the formula are standard arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division) as well as Log base 10, Exponent, and Absolute Value.  Users are able to create the formulas that calculate any of their QC results automatically.


 Instrument Interfacing

ELab readily interfaces with any instrument that produces a text file. See the short demo on this topic online Here

The advantages of the ability to generate a run sequence for a given batch and receive results data directly from the instrument output file are clear: vast savings in time and elimination of the potential for error in transcription.


 Electronic Data Exchange

This is supported in the system in many forms, from instrument results upload to integration with third party software and electronic reporting to systems like eLexnet or other government-mandated protocols. Instrument data upload is supplied as a standard feature, with outgoing EDD optional.


 Sample Results Entry

This can be done either by instrument interface or manually, with definable limits, calculations, etc. Samples or batches can be retrieved according to the criteria you define -- Test type, Customer, Batch, etc. -- using ELab's ubiquitous filter tool, or by standard Analyst Worklist.



Perform a variety of types of calculations in ELab, including standard arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) as well as Log base 10, Exponent, and Absolute Value. QC templates or ad hoc samples/batches may be created with calculations performed on standard QC types such as % Recovery of QC Spike, etc., in addition to the assigning of calculations to sample result data. Results from other tests may be included in calculations.


 Sample Management and Tracking

LabLynx’s ELab suite includes an Object Tracking Module which allows users to track the Check-in, Check-out, Transfer and Disposition of samples through the laboratory, documenting all movement, date and time, and the identity of the user performing the actions. ELab can easily be configured to track the exact path of any given samples or batches according to particular requirements.



The Ad Hoc Reporting v2 tool in ELab makes generating a report in a hurry a snap. You can select exactly which information you would like to see and in what order, and any filtering criteria, all without any knowledge of SQL. Print it as is or export it as a .pdf, .rtf, excel file or text, or just view it. Your parameters can easily be saved to run the same query in the future as well. For more formal reports, use iStudio to create exactly the form you need.


 Trending/Control Charting

Any data are easily exported to Excel for charting of trends, from QA/QC limit performance to Instrument maintenance history or personnel training data. Or you can use ELab's own integral control charting module, whichever suits your needs best!


 Faxing & Emailing Reports

Any reports generated in ELab may be printed out and faxed, or exported in any of a variety of formats for emailing or faxing using the relevant software, either through interface with that software directly during implementation, or manually. Additionally, regular or results-based events can be set to generate these actions.


 Audit Trails

ELab provides audit trail capabilities to meet any security or regulatory standards.

Should a user be provided with security privileges to gain access to the Edit Results area of ELab, any modifications made to information are stamped with that user’s identification and the system level date and time. The user is also required to enter a reason for the change, and the system captures the newly entered result as well as the edited result. This also applies to users with results approval permission.

All screens within ELab indicate who created the record and when, as well as the last person that edited the record and when.  This applies to records, documents, specifications, limits and electronic signatures.  Additionally, users must supply a password to enable or use a signature.


 Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is of course an essential part of many labs, and you depend on your system to ensure COC is fully supported to NELAC/NELAP standards or to similar specs. LABLynx’ ELab includes an Object Tracking Module which allows users to track the Check-in, Check-out, Transfer and Disposition of samples through the laboratory, documenting all movement, date and time, and the identity of the user performing the actions. ELab can easily be configured to track the exact path of any given samples or batches according to particular requirements. If barcode technology is desired, ELab will store and print out labels with selected relevant information


 Document Management

The Document Manager functionality in ELab lets you upload and retrieve documents of any kind for associating with samples, results, personnel, customers, instrument maintenance tracking and a great many other things, or to print out as needed, export or email, etc. Versioning is forced where appropriate.


 Instrument Calibration and Maintenance

The Instruments area in ELab keeps track of all maintenance/calibration, including any uploaded receipts or other documents, and the scheduler tells you when these tasks are due to be performed. And the details defined in the Instrument information also include assigned tests, authorized analysts and the like.


 Chemicals, Equipment, other consumables, tissues, samples, specimens, other various entities

You can organize and track each of these items, grouping them according to specific criteria (origin, supplier, assigned tests, expiry date, etc.) using one or more of ELab's entity management functionalities, including the Inventory module, Object Tracker and others.


 Training Tracking

The Training Tracking module in ELab makes sure you stay abreast of completed courses and certifications for all of your personnel, and alerts you when additional training is required to maintain certifications. Any associated documents may be uploaded into the system for easy access and organization.


 Event Driven Alerts

ELab supports any number of alert definitions, triggered according to your requirements. They may also trigger events such as emails based on user-defined criteria.


 Multi-language Support

LabLynx' ELab suite supports any language through its data-driven design, making it an ideal solution for multinational businesses. And time zone differences are no issue. ELab can be configured to support all of the facets of multinational deployment, or deployment in countries where languages other than English are used or more than one language is used.


 Support for industry standard compliance initiatives - ASCLD, NELAC, 21CFR11, CLIA, GALP/GAMP, HL7, HIPAA, Section 508, ISO17025, ASTM, IEEE, ACS... ELab is currently deployed an many different laboratory environments, including governmental labs which involve sensitive data, like the US Customs Department, State Departments of Agriculture, Forensic labs and more. All known regulatory compliance standards are supported by the LabLynx ELab suite, including:


·             HL7: For this standard we use a translation table that any data exported to HL7-specific entities must pass through. And the ELab suite is built around XML, leveraging it to embrace the technologies of the future now in a service-oriented architecture, or SOA. LabLynx was the very first true web browser based LIMS, and continues to lead the industry in technology.

·             21 CFR Part 11 and 40 CFR 3: ELab meets FDA and EPA requirements in that electronic signatures and documents are stored in the system database and only accessible by authorized personnel based on login. These data are securely and accurately transmitted to appropriate parties in whatever ways are mandated, including the interfacing to systems like STORET, WARN, eLEXNET and others for reporting and data sharing with state and federal departments and agencies.

·             Section 508: In the case of a federal agency needing to meet this regulation, the LabLynx ELab suite offers the best disabled accessibility available since it is Windows browser based and thus configurable to the Microsoft Windows accessibility options native to that operating system.

·             ISO/IEC 17025: Compliance with this laboratory management standard will also fulfill the more generic ISO 9001. The items for accreditation are both managerial and technical, and are aimed at traceability, standardization and consistency. The ELab suite supports these elements in all of the applicable areas, applying methodologies evenly across different procedures and tracking all data necessary to support the lab in meeting this standard.


 Version Control of Tests, parameters, limits, reports, configuration changes, software upgrades, etc.

In compliance with GALP and other laboratory standards, ELab forces versioning on all relevant changes to information in the system. All changes are date time-stamped, and further information is captured as discussed in Audit Trails, above. All software upgrades are also version controlled and targeted to the COTS application so that custom laboratory modifications or additions are not affected.


 User Configurable Database Tables, Fields and other DB objects, Screens, Calculations, Workflow, Business Logic, Reports, Charts, External System Interfaces

Because of ELab's data-driven design, virtually every aspect of the application is user-configurable.  Using the Ad Hoc Query tool and ELab's native API database connection, you can query any table and bring back data filtered and sorted according to your requirements, whether you know SQL or not. These data can then be used to create a new view in the system from which to generate reports, export to Excel and perform further calculations and/or chart trends, etc. For interfacing with other systems, you can use ODBC (ADO) to configure whatever types of transactions are required.


 Configurable Tests, parameters, limits, etc.

LabLynx has designed ELab to fit your workflow, rather than make you change your ways of doing things to suit the software. Only with ELab you can do more, and much more quickly and easily. Define processes, tests, sample or batch paths and all of the associated parameters/limits. And you can link them to particular customers, sample types, routes (water/wastewater) or any other entities that make sense for your operation. And once you do, feel free to change them anytime you like; they are not hard-coded.


 Configurable Security

In any lab there will always be a need to control access to results data, tests, documents and many other items or procedures, and in some labs it's more critical than others. ELab allows you to configure your access and permissions from micro to macro level. From individual screens, tests or processes, to department or laboratory location, user access can be precisely defined -- which also means you can safely offer customer access to their own appropriate data and/or functions.


 Data Mining and Data Warehouse

ELab contains a direct user access to the database for quick and easy retrieval of data from any table, and impromptu construction of views and reports based on that query. Records are stored automatically to appropriate tables and displayed according to user-specified criteria.



 Knowledge Management

The ELab suite is really your way of storing and accessing all of the knowledge/information that exists in a laboratory today. Sample tracking is only one small part of its overall functionality. Results, reports, trending, emails, pricing, invoicing, observational and other general notes, training and instrument maintenance tracking... The list goes on, and represents the entirety of informatics in the laboratory or laboratory-related enterprise.


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